C# Introduction

C Sharp (C#) Programming Language is multiplicative Programming Language. Designed and Developed by Microsoft Incorporated.  It was released January 2002 in the .net framework 1.0.

Main Reason why i love C#:

1. Object-Oriented(Class-based): C# can be similar to JAVA in terms on their being Object-Oriented Approach. The only difference from the 2 Programming Languages is their Platform and Keywords.

2. User Friendly for developers: Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Software for C#. It is VERY easy to use to create a simple application and their common controls like textbox, button, Form, listbox, etc. all you need is to click and drag the controls and assign/edit the properties of the object.

3.Full integrated with .net Library: C# can provide a great access with all repository libraries in .net just like Visual Basic.

4. unique functionalities: C# has a Delegate functional that can be more elegant in your programming.

5.Access to native code is easy: A lot of thought has been given to the runtime marshalling infrastructure.

6: The Last: The best way to write Windows desktop and web applications.

Some online C# tutorial are available in the net. Here are some website:




Enjoy Coding!  😀


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