Documentum – Overview

In my first day of work as a programmer, one thing that i haven’t learn in my previous studies. the ECM DOCUMENTUM.

Documentum is an Enterprise Content Management that use to arrange, organize, collect all the files and information to the client’s document. Here are the Overview of Documentum.

source: EMC Corporation

What is Documentum ?

 Documentum provides a unified environment for capturing, storing, accessing, organizing, controlling, retrieving and archiving any type of unstructured information within an enterprise.

Documentum provides management capabilities for all types of content. The core of Documentum is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules and a unified environment, although content may reside on multiple servers and physical storage devices within a networked environment.

Documentum provides a suite of services, such as document management, collaboration, search, content classification, input management, business process management (BPM), customer communication management, and Web content management.

 A Docbase is a Documentum repository that stores document content, attributes, relationships, versions, renditions, formats, workflow, and security. Documentum Query Language (DQL), an extended SQL dialect, is used to query Documentum data. A Docbase is the equivalent of an Oracle instance or a DB2(R) database plus document content files. The metadata is stored in the underlying relational database management system (RDBMS), and the content is stored as binary large objects (BLOBs) in the database or as files stored within the file-system of the server system. For more information on Documentum, refer to the Documentum manuals.

to learn more further about the overview of documentum, Here the link:



2 thoughts on “Documentum – Overview

  1. Best of luck and blessings dude. Heard that documentum is one of the Best document management platform 🙂 Learn the business process, technical process and most important, the discipline. Regardless of the application, discipline will always be the prevailing characteristic. 🙂

    Manlibre ka sa first blood (unang sweldo) mo uy! 🙂

    Seriously, I will not be surprise kung mabilis ka aangat dyan, galing mo eh! 🙂

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